1MORE Triple Driver Earphones Are The Best Sub $100 Headphones You Can Find


If you haven’t heard about 1MORE, that’s okay because the company isn’t really known in the west. The Chinese headphone manufacturer is getting more and more popular mostly because of their incredible price-quality ratio. And the best proof of 1MORE’s excellent quality is their Triple Driver Earphones.

Triple Drivers are crazy good in-ear headphones with lots of positives. Firstly, they are made out of anodized aluminum, giving headphones attractive metal look while making them pretty durable at the same time.

Next, we have triple driver design with three sound drivers inside each headphone, making the sound clear, crisp, rich with bass, and without any artifacts. Luca Bignardi, an acclaimed sound engineer, and music producer worked with 1MORE on each of their headphone models, making the sound output as good as it can get.

You just have to hear some music playing on them to realize how good sound quality is, but believe us when we say that you probably won’t find a sound that good in many models that cost a couple of times more expensive than Triple Drivers.

Headphones come with a bunch of ear tips, they have a tangle-free cable, a luxury carrying case made out of leather, and they can be worn for hours without any discomfort. There’s also a remote control along with a microphone, so you can change songs and answer calls. Overall, the 1MORE Triple Driver earphones are the best headphones you can buy for below $100. They can be purchased on Amazon for $99.

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$99 USD

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