5-in-1 BBQ Grilling Multi Tool Comes With All Necessary Tools For Making A Perfect Barbecue, Sans The Meat


Ok, you plan on firing up your grill and making some juicy burgers, sweet chicken wings, or irresistible baby-back pork ribs. All is set, until realizing that some tools needed for making a perfect BBQ are missing. Now, you can try improvising or get to the nearest kitchen appliance store and buy the missing pieces. There’s a third option though – getting the 5-in-1 BBQ Grilling Multi-Tool that contains every tool needed for BBQ in one compact package.

The tool looks like an overgrown pocket knife. It features tools and handle made of stainless steel and top-grade silicone, and is designed for maximum comfort. The set of tools include all you need for a barbecue – there’s a spatula, fork, silicone brush, corkscrew, wine opener, and bottle opener built-in the spatula.

The 5-in-1 BBQ Grilling Multi-Tool is super portable; it can be folded like a regular pocket knife and comes with a handy carry case. Further, since the spatula is the most frequent tool used when grilling meat it can be detached and used independently. Just slid up and out to separate the spatula, allowing you to use two tools at the same time.

The 5-in-1 BBQ Grilling Multi-Tool is great for outdoor grilling – when you’re out camping, tailgating or backpacking you want to carry as much gear as possible and to save up space, and this tool saves up space needed for carrying different BBQ tools. You can get the 5-in-1 BBQ Grilling Multi-Tool on Amazon for just $19.99.

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$20 USD

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