Air Fort Inflatable Tent is a Great Way to Entertain Kids When Grown Ups are Having a Party


Most of us made room forts when we were young. The power of imagination present in all kids transformed those forts into an undefeatable base where pillows were the toughest walls, and the cardboard boxes were used as archer towers. The fort would usually last until parents decided it is time to destroy the castle of our dreams, but we would build it again as soon as the next opportunity came. Some of us still build forts but don’t really talk about it with friends and family. If you still have a need to spend some time inside your imagination or just want your kids to stop using pillows, bed sheets, and other stuff they find appropriate to build forts of their own, or just want to provide them with an awesome new toy, check out the Air Fort Inflatable Tent.

The Air Fort can be erected in less than a minute, and all you need for its construction is a simple box fan. You just place the fan next to the air hole, turn it on and observe how a fort rises in seconds. The thing is great for kids, they can play with it for days, and you don’t have to be worried they will ruin your things once you go outside and let them make their own ways to have fun.

The Air Fort is pretty big. The inflatable tent can house several kids and adults, you can even make a party inside it of your kids find it boring since the fort doesn’t feature any touchscreens or a Wi-Fi access point. The Air Fort is also an awesome thing to have when your friends (who also have kids) come by your house. Instead of watching the kids non-stop, not having time to talk with friends, just give them the fort and they will have what to do for the remainder of the day. The only problem could be that kids find it interesting, making other kids to refuse to go home.

And when the summer comes, you can use the Air Tent as a perfect way to have some time of your own. Just place something on the ground, take your favorite book, and go inside your fort for the afternoon. The tent doesn’t have any flooring so kids can easily get inside and outside of the tent, and access to the floor fan powering the fort is prevented with a mesh divider placed at the air hole. You can buy this awesome toy for kids (and adults, let’s be honest) on Amazon for just $55. If you don’t have a floor fan needed for inflating the fort, you can buy both for $70. Check it out, it is really cool and your kids will probably love it.

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$55 USD

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