The Alpha Shovel – a Small Shovel for Multiple Purposes


DMOS Collective brand, which specializes on producing various outdoor tools has introduced the Alpha Shovel on Kickstarter. Last year, the brand has successfully gathered needed funding for its Stealth Shovel, packable converting to full-sized, all-terrain multi-tool for shoveling. The Alpha Shovel can, in fact, be regarded as Stealth Shovel’s brother. It provides, bigger shovel for cleaning a lot of dirt, snow, and ice.

The alpha shovel has patent pending original design that features very long expandable handle and strong blade. In order to provide very strong blade that is capable of breaking the ice, the accessory was built from five pounds of sandblasted, clear coated T-6 aluminum. The handle is made of Nylatron D, that works all the way down to -60 degrees Celsius. The blade has serrated teeth to break through the ice and snow.

Coming to the dimensions, the tool has the length of two feets. It has slots for easy storage and a telescoping shaft. It comes with various styles and colors.

You can preoder the Alpha Shovel for Kickstarter for $100.

$100 USD

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