Alphabet Owned Wing is Starting Its Drone Delivery Service in Finland


Wing is the drone delivery startup owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google and some of its subsidiaries. After a successful pilot of wing delivery services in Australia, the company is planning to start its drone delivery service in Finland, starting from spring 2019 (source: TechCrunch)

The deliveries will be offered to the distance of maximum 10 km (6.2 miles) and the maximum package weight can be 1.5 kg (about 3.3 pounds) or less. Deliveries will be available as part of the trial, but they will be charged as regular. Wing has not yet decided what it intends to pack in its finished drones, and they are currently taking suggestions on what to deliver on their website. The possible suggestions include food, medicine emergency kits, and vital essentials like diapers and ice packs.

Besides offering fast delivery drones, the Wing claims that their battery-powered drones have the less environmental advantage compared to road transportation. The drones emit carbon dioxide 22 times less than traditional delivery alternatives.

Currently, Amazon’s “Prime Air” drone deliveries in the UK remain as the biggest one in the EU. Neither Amazon nor Wing has conducted any large-scale tests in the US due to country’s stricter air control rules.

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