Amazon Dash Button Allows You to Order Household Products by Pressing One Button


Amazon has released the Dash Button which allows you to instantly order your household stuff with one button click. With this new invention of Amazon, you won’t need to go out to the supermarket anymore to get your shopping items.

It features a small electronic item in the size of a gum pack. It comes with a brand name of a product which you might frequently use at home. You can set the item while configuring the device from your smartphone. When the button is pressed, the device connects to your amazon account through a wi-fi and an order is placed. You can mount the dash button anywhere using the adhesive strip on the back. The button also sends a message to your phone about the placement of order, and you can cancel it within 30-minutes.

There has been much debate over the internet about whether or not this additional convenience will benefit people. Can it hurt other brands? Can it hurt other grocery stores like wall-mart?  Definitely, having the product delivered when you are low of, is a great idea. But it may make us stick to one brand, instead of discovering new brands and new items out there.  However, I honestly think that this not the end of the story, there will be even more alternatives which will make our online shopping experience easier and automated. For example, consider a coffee dish which places an order to an amazon automatically when you are running low of coffee.

Having said that, we honestly think that it won’t kill grocery stores yet. Nothing can replace the wonders of real shopping with family and kids.

Right now, the button can be ordered by invitation only for prime members. You will get the button immediately once you’ve got an invitation.



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