Amazon will Split its Second Headquarters Between Two Cities – What That Means For You


Amazon is going to split its second headquarters into two cities, according to the report by The Wall Street Journal. According to the report, each location would employ 25,000 people respectively. The decision was made to lower the pressure on second cities potential for rising housing costs and pressure on the infrastructure and transit.

While the Amazon has not announced where the second headquarters be located, the Wall Street Journal has said that the company has shortlisted the candidates into three big cities: Crystal City, Virginia; Dallas, Texas; and New York City. Currently, the Crystal City is the most possible candidate as the Amazon executives have been making negotiations with the city’s officials in the last months.

Back in January 2018, Amazon announced a list of 20 cities it said were its finalists. The company is about to announce two winners later this week. While the decision to split the HQ2 into two cities came up just recently, it does not mean much for you if you do not live in those cities.

Even if you do live in those cities, the city infrastructure that is expected to change might turn out against you. It is expected that the Crystal City, Va might enjoy the benefits of having 25,000 more employment with high tech jobs, the roads have already been starting to be clogged. According to the real estate specialists, the effect on housing and transportation is unavoidable even when the split happens.

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