An Eco-Friendly Swiss Army Knife And A Firebiner – Carabiner That Can Light Fire


We have two interesting tools to show you today. First on the list is the Victorinox Pioneer Livanto Swiss Army Knife. The second tool is named Firebiner – a carabiner able to light a fire.

The Pioneer Livanto Swiss Army Knife looks special. It is made in cooperation with Nespresso, out of recycled Nespresso pods. Really cool and really eco-friendly. Instead of rotting away, adding to our already enormous mountains of waste, Nespresso pods were recycled and used for making this Swiss Army Knife. Each knife is (on part) made out of 24 recycled capsules, the bronze ones of course, just look at the color of the handle.

And it looks really cool. With the signature coffee gold color, the knife stands out of the crowd. Most other Swiss Army knives are red or gray so if you manage to buy one Pioneer Livanto Swiss Army Knife you’ll really be unique, at least when it comes to your style.

The knife has the usual set of tools along with a solid blade. It features seven different tools such as can and bottle opener, a blade, a wire stripper, a reamer, and dual screwdrivers. All of you carry enthusiasts should check this one out. It looks cool, it contains a solid number of functions, and it is made out of recycled materials. The Pioneer Livanto Swiss Army Knife is made in limited quantities so make sure to buy one before they are all gone. The price is just $55.

Another multi-tool got us interested. It is called Firebiner and it can light a fire, along with keeping your stuff secure. This carabiner is rated for 50 lbs, and it features coating made out of titanium and it looks really sturdy, just don’t try to use it for climbing, please. You can attach a couple of items to its because it features two equipment slots, but that’s not all.

The Firebiner also has a safety blade perfect for cutting cord and fishing line, a bottle opener, screwdriver and a spark wheel. The spark wheel is made of steel and it scratches against a Ferro rod so you can light a fire anywhere you go, even in your backyard but we wouldn’t recommend doing that.

The Firebiner looks nice, it is a solid first aid for times when you have to cut something or to open your beer while fishing. It is perfect for fishing actually. Once you catch a couple of fishes you can start a fire and cook them right one the spot.

This cool carabiner can be yours for just $14.95. You can get it on Amazon, or buy one from Outdoor Element.

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$55 USD

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