Carry A Shipping Container Worth Of Stuff Inside The Apricoat Adventurer Jacket


Ok so, if you are searching for your next jacket, we may have a perfect contender. The Apricot here is one highly interesting piece of clothing capable of protecting you against elements along with having enough space to house a stupendously high amount of different items.

The Apricoat’s main selling point is the fact that it comes with 16 (sixteen!) pockets for stashing different gear and devices. Everything for a GPS, to bandages, to a tablet, to keys or thermal blanket has its own designated pocket found inside the Apricoat.

Sure, you can stuff pretty much anything able to fit inside a pocket, but it is nice to see designers thought about which items and gear adventurers always have with them. And by equipping their creation with pockets for all essential outdoor gear they give you a way to basically pack all necessary stuff inside Apricoat and save lots of space inside your backpack for more supplies or perhaps a more comfy tent.

Further, we have an inflatable pillow stitched inside the hood meaning you will have a beautiful and cozy place to lay your head when sleeping. There’s also built-in sleeve gloves, a blindfold for when things get snowy, and a built-in emergency clip capable of carrying up to 400lbs that might save you one day.

This awesome survival jacket is made out of water repelling materials so that you won’t get wet, ever. It also features top-notch insulation and extremely durable materials that should allow you to use the Apricoat for decades. It is available on IndieGoGo market for $129, and if you are a proper outdoor aficionado, you can get the jacket along with a full survival kit (bandages, thermal blanket, power bank, and more) for $169.

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$129 USD

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