Arrow Is A Multimedia Focused Smartwatch With A 360° Rotating Camera


Smartwatch market is slowly splitting into two distinct branches. You have semi-smart watches featuring mostly GPS and fitness options, retaining a classic watch face. And then we have fully featured smart watches offering lots of features and coming with some kind of operating system. But, while former is swarmed with new models with cool new stuff and eye-watering design, latter is stagnating. Android Wear updates brought SIM card support making them practically independent from a smartphone, but most smartwatches still are quite similar. A nice round or rectangle screen, often underwhelming design, and a role of a wearable notification unit for your phone. But with the Arrow, regular watches may become exciting again.

The Arrow is a classic watch with a strong focus on multimedia capabilities. Its main selling point is an impressive camera placed on the bezel. It is capable of rotating all around the watch, making it a pretty impressive little gadget. It can record videos in full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) and take 5MP images, making it a perfect companion for your adventures. There are two mics around the camera to enable high-quality audio recorder, and Arrow’s OLED screen will show a live preview of what you want to capture or record.

For now, the Arrow looks like a perfect gadget for private detectives and those of us who can’t live without social networks. And all those Instagram maniacs, streamers, and vloggers finally got a wearable device with an excellent camera that’s easy to use. But there’s more.

The watch comes with 8 gigabytes of internal memory, enough to keep your photos and videos before sending them to your phone. And while it doesn’t feature Android Wear, the Arrow does come with a central app compatible with both Android and iOS. You can quickly pair it, allowing you to make phone calls, customize icons, and change watch faces. The watch comes with a GPS receiver and supports GPS tracking as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Instead of wearing your phone with your while running or working out, just put some music on the watch, and pair it with wireless headphones. The Arrow supports also step tracking, and it can monitor your calories intake, but it sadly comes without a heart rate sensor, making it just short of being an excellent fitness device on top of having superb multimedia capabilities.

And the watch looks strikingly attractive, with the onyx black face and dark leather band. When compared to other watches, the Arrow is among the best when it comes to outside looks.
We are also disappointed with its battery, which should last just one or two days, but that’s the problem with the majority of smartwatches. What the Arrow does bring is a superb rotating camera, beautiful OLED screen, and support for the two biggest mobile OSs. You can pre-order the Arrow on IndieGoGo for just $169, with a choice between leather and stainless steel band.

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$169 USD

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