Azio Retro Classic And Penna Typewriter Are Modern Keyboards Wearing Vintage Clothes


Typewriters were cool. Many years ago, almost every home had one and typing on it cannot be compared with typing on a modern keyboard. The sounds, the strength needed for hitting keys, the mechanical feel to it, they are irreplaceable, but the physical feel can be replicated. If you want to have a keyboard that looks and (up to a degree) feels like a mechanical typewriter, we present you two options today – the Azio Retro Classic and Penna Keyboard, both looking like they’ve come from 1939.

The first one, Azio Retro Classic, is a regular, full-sized keyboard that can be used on a PC, or on a Mac. It looks like a keyboard used by people who wanted to create a typewriter compatible with a modern computer. The keyboard is made out of natural and luxurious materials. The top plate is made out of genuine leather, giving it a physical feel no other keyboard can offer. It can be connected via Bluetooth, or you can use a classic wired connection.

The keyboard frame is made out of metal, and it looks amazing. Zinc aluminum alloy used in forging the frame went through serious polish sessions, giving the keyboard a high degree of luxury. The material is corrosion free, but after some time it will start showing age marks, giving each keyboard a touch of uniqueness.

The keys are backlit, made in order to look like they were taken from some old typewriter, and they evoke the feel of typing on a regular keyboard by implementing mechanical switches. With the Azio Retro Classic, you’ll get a vintage keyboard made out of premium materials that will give you a genuine typewriter feel while using it.

The second vintage keyboard we have for you today is a bit different. The Penna is a wireless keyboard meant to be used with tablets and smartphones, but it can also be used with PCs since it features a Bluetooth connection. The keyboard looks just like a classic-styled typewriter. You even have the lock lever which can be used to type frequently used keys or words.

The Penna features diamond 4-AXIS keycaps that improve typing accuracy; you can also choose retro chrome keycaps that aren’t as accurate but offer better typewriter experience. You can choose between three types of mechanical key switches. Cherry MX Blue offers strong hit sounds, mechanical clicks and are best for accurate typing. If you don’t want a loud mechanical noise you can pick Cherry MX Red, and Cherry MX Brown switches are a middle ground, offering a solid click sound while at the same time don’t generate loud mechanical noises.

The Penna Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with all modern OSs. No matter if you use an iPhone with a combination of Windows PC, a Mac, and Android, or Linux, Penna will work with any modern operating system.

The Penna looks really nice, like some office typewriter seen in movies from 70’s and 80’s. On the front, you have a phone and tablet stand that is wide enough to house even the biggest iPad Pro tablets and you can pair the keyboard with up to 5 different devices via Bluetooth. The keyboard is powered by two AA batteries that can power it up to 6 months. You can pick among four different color choices, along with a special wood edition.

You can pre-order the Penna and Azio Retro Classic keyboards on IndieGoGo market. The Azio Retro Classic can be yours for $120, and the Penna sells for $119 (the special wood edition can be pre-ordered for $314).

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