Bar Mitts MTN Keep Your Hands Warm When On Bike During These Cold Days


Autumn is upon us and with it come long nights and colder and colder days. Yes, it isn’t freezing at the moment (depending on your whereabouts) but it can get pretty cold during nights, and it is only a matter of time before the temperature reaches below the comfort zone. And if you are an avid cycler who likes to travel on two wheels no matter the weather, your hands may hate you during fall and winter. Even us who don’t really ride a bike on a regular basis know how uncomfortable it can get when it’s cold and wind’s howling. If you want for your hands to stay warm during these cold days, get the Bar Mitts MTN, a perfect solution for winter bike commutes.

These mitts are available in a couple of sizes, but the best thing is that there’s an option to get one size that fits all hands, so don’t worry will the mitts be right for your hands.

They are made out of neoprene and are designed to fit any bike with flat handlebars. Neoprene is an excellent insulator and will keep hands warm even during freezing winter months, is great for windy conditions, and since the Bar Mitts MTN can fit any hand size, you can wear gloves at the same time for increased insulation.

The mitts can be easily installed and removed, and they cover the bar along with brake handles. You can get the Bar Mitts MTN on Amazon for $74.59, and if you are fast, they can be bought for just $54 while on sale.

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$75 USD

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