Add A Bit Of Style To Your Outdoor Gear With The Barebones Canteen


Canteens, there isn’t much to say about them. They should be easy to use, have enough of space, so you don’t have to pour water in one every half an hour, and they should be durable. When talking about design, there aren’t many variations of the classic a large-bottle-along-with-tough-lid formula, but Barebones chose to take an extra step and design one of the best looking canteens we ever saw. Meet the Barebones Canteen, a piece of outdoor gear featuring impeccable design.

The Barebones Canteen features a round-shaped design coated in black color that looks very stylish. The canteen is engraved with a star-like emblem that looks vintage and modern at the same time. And, overall, the Barebones Canteen looks unique and attractive.

Of course, the canteen’s vintage design hasn’t stopped designers from Barebones to equip it with a couple of modern features. Firstly we have a special, double walled, vacuum-sealed insulation made of 305 stainless steel capable of keeping beverages cold or hot for hours and hours.

Next, we have a high impact lid featuring the same star emblem found on the bottle. The lid will survive any drop, it features and extra protection, and it can be used as a drinking cup.

The Barebones Canteen can hold up to 28 oz. of water or any other beverage; it weighs in at 1.5 lbs. and it comes with an adjustable cotton blend shoulder strap. You can get one on Amazon for $60.

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$60 USD

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