Beagle Mk. I Flashlight is Practically Indestructible, and it is Bright as the Sun


Getting a good flashlight is easy these days. Just look at some best of lists or browse most popular ones on Amazon. But getting a great flashlight is harder. There aren’t so many models around and finding one can be a chore, especially if you want a top quality product that you’ll buy once and use for years and years. If you’re looking for a professionally engineered flashlight that’s as durable as it is bright, check out the Beagle Mk. I by Muyshondt.

Muyshondt is a company specialized in constructing tough flashlights made out of premium materials. Their products are durable, tough, reliable, and when you buy one you are set for decades. The latest flashlight model coming from Muyshondt is called the Beagle Mk. I and it is really a piece of art.

The flashlight comes in two flavors – one uses titanium and the other one is made out of copper, but they both offer unmatched quality. The flashlight is relatively humble in size, and it comes with a handy clip allowing it to be carried with you at all times. No matter if you just want to check out the fuse box during night, or going on a nightly venture through the woods, the Beagle Mk. I will stay secured on your pants or a belt.

The name comes from the famous HMS Beagle, the ship that carried Charles Darwin during his expedition across the Pacific, the journey that would lead Darwin to come up with his Theory of Evolution. The Beagle Mk. I is a tool for explorers, no matter if they want to discover new species, or just want a reliable torch to light their way through the unknown.

The torch features two beam types – the high-CRI flood will make any object visible from close range, and the central high beam provides a bright wall of light for observing objects from a distance. The Beagle Mk. I feature a new Calibre 1116 Light Engine that was in works for over a decade, offering unprecedented performance along with extreme brightness.

There are five intensities in total (1/15/70 lumens flood + 165/435 lumens flood + throw) and you can easily switch from one to another by clicking on a tailswitch. The torch can work on CR123s, Rechargeable CR123s, MPC-18350I cells, and Protected 18350 Lithium Ion cells.

The body is machined from a single block of material, providing unmatched ruggedness. The copper-made heatsinks are gold plated to allow for an excellent thermal dissipation, allowing the torch to work for hours without overheating. The chassis is just 25mm in diameter and 85mm long, making the Beagle Mk. I extremely portable.

Both the titanium and copper versions come in two finishes. The one is a high-polished finish making the torch looking quite lavish, while the other one gives the torch a wear out look like it came from a Fallout video game. The Beagle Mk. I Flashlight can be bought from Muyshondt’s site for $595.

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$595 USD

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