BEDDI Is A Smart Alarm Clock That Can Charge Your Phone And Be Used As A Bluetooth Speaker


Nightstand alarm clocks are here for decades. They are our faithful allies during mornings, helping us get up and during the night they offer an easy way to find out what time is. Some of them can also prepare us for work chat by playing morning news on the radio, and with the BEDDI you get so much more.

BEDDI is a smart alarm clock that will become your next favorite nightstand item. It looks like a classic alarm clock with its simple display and plain rectangular body. But once you plug it in and pair with a smartphone BEDDI becomes your personal morning assistant.

The device features a companion app in which you can set your alarms and customize other interesting options. For instance, BEDDI can generate white noise during nights, helping you sleep and improving your nighttime rest. The clock can also wake you up with wakeup light that emulates sunlight and is less frustrating than the good old alarm clock sound we all resent.

You can also set the clock to play your favorite radio after the alarm goes off, but since this is a smart alarm clock, there’s also the option to start your day with a favorite Spotify playlist. The sound is played on two speakers with Bluetooth connectivity meaning you can use the BEDDI as a Bluetooth speaker. And the device comes with two charging ports so you can charge the docked smartphone along with one extra device while sleeping.

And since the device can connect with other smart home devices you can set it up to brew a morning coffee, set up temperature during the night, or to push the blinds once the alarm goes off and give you real morning sun instead wakeup light. You can get the BEDDI on IndieGoGo for $60, or on Amazon for $99, and start your mornings fully rested and with a cup of coffee waiting for you in the kitchen even before your eyes open in the morning.

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$60 USD

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