Beefer is German Quality High Performance Grill for Juicy Steak


Cooking a steak can be made easy with the right equipment and it is not a rocket science according to the grill manufacturer – the Beffer. However, Beefer is not right in rocket science part. Cooking a perfect, juicy steak is a real rocket science. You need an experience, lots of failed attempts in order to learn this skill. Most important the meat should be fresh and tasty by itself.

Agreed, some stuff can be made easy with the right grill. As you know the most important thing that you need to get right is the cooking temperature. This German-based grill reaches 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to imagine how hot it is let’s make an analogy with other traditional grills. Gas grills typically reach 650 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Charcoal grills can get to 700 degrees F but in normal use, they will probably be in the 500F range.

This increase in temperature is efficient in many ways. As you know, if you cook the grill at low temperatures it will take more time to cook, but also, all juiciness will be gone. In order for the juice to stay in the meat, you need higher temperatures so that you will be able to cook less.

Beefer takes the design of its grills a step further. The grill looks like a large box, it’s hard to imagine that you cook a steak here. Unlike traditional grills, the main ceramic heating unit is located at the top, versus the bottom at traditional grills.

When heating unit is on the top it will cook more effectively and the spills of meat won’t drop to the bottom causing the flame to strengthen. This grill works on a gas burner that preheats the ceramic on the top for high temperatures. There is a tray at the bottom of the grill for collecting juice. It also helps fat from the meat to get drained.

The interior parts are dishwasher friendly. The exteriors can be washed with warm water and a mild detergent.

The product comes in three versions – Beefer, Beefer XL, and Beefer XL Chef.  Beefer is the most standard and basic one which you can buy for home. The Beefer XL has a double size and dual heating elements located on the top and on the sides. The Beefer XL Chef is an equipment specially designed for restaurants, having the dual heating elements and lots of space to cook several meals at once.

The basic Beefer can be ordered in beefer’s website for $899.

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$899 USD

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