Benchmade 781 Anthem Pocket Knife Is Surprisingly Light And Incredibly Slim


A good pocket knife can be a lifesaver. When you are in the wild you want to have the best pocket knife available, but some look so lavish that most of us wouldn’t mind to just have a chance to look at them. Benchmade 781 Anthem is one of those knives. It looks exquisite, it features a handle made out of a single piece of titanium and it is extremely light and slimmer than most other pocket knives.

The 781 Anthem really is a work of art. Just look at that handle made out of the bronze anodized titanium featuring Benchmade’s signature AXIS lock. In fact, the knife is the first one from Benchmade to feature a titanium-made handle and the AXIS lock. In other words, if you get one you’ll be getting a piece of pocket knife history.

The design is pretty interesting. Benchmade went for a mix of army looks, combining it with a modern design philosophy of the handle. It features chevron pattern on both sides for a better grip, along with seriously looking AXIS lock mechanism. And the best thing is that no matter the titanium used for the handle, the knife is extremely light weighing in at only 3.66 ounces. But that’s not all. It is also very slim, slimmer than most other similar knives – just 0.43″, which is incredible.

When talking about the actual blade, Benchmade took the best possible steel for the blade. It is made out of CPM-20CV steel, unmatched blade steel that won’t let you down, even in most difficult situations. It can cut through everything, except diamonds and some metals, but you probably wouldn’t want to cut those, right? With blade deployed, the 781 Anthem is 8.06″ long, making its weight even more impressive. The knife also features a peg for sticking it to your pocket which looks like the handle and is also made out of titanium.

Anthem is a proper name for this pocket knife. It features superb handle, a sharp and tough blade, along with impressive design and the AXIS lock. It’s like Benchmade’s designers decided to make the best pocket knife possible, and then thought that the first iteration isn’t good enough because the 781 Anthem looks like it went through numerous changes before it got its signature design. Because it looks perfect, and perfection can’t be reached overnight.

This knife is perfect for everyday tasks, but it will be a great help when you go hunting and fishing. It can cut through any meat like through butter, and you’ll also be able to cut branches for making a campfire.

Of course, works of art aren’t cheap and that’s the case with the 781 Anthem. The knife costs $500. A steep price for a pocket knife, but if you want a titanium-made handle, and the blade made out of a top-quality blade steel, the price won’t be a problem because when you get a hold on one of these babies you will forget about the price in just a few seconds.

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$500 USD

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