Best Backpacking Stoves in 2016


We have gathered some of the best camping stoves which you can use in 2016. They are selected by the number of parameters including, cost, efficiency, time for boiling cooking stuff and stability.

  1. MSR WhisperLite Universal — 140$

MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove

This stove has been introduced by MSR (Mountain Safety Research) in 2012, as part of the new line, which replaced the legendary burner stove MSR WhisperLite, manufactured in 1980. The burner is made of steel and aluminum and is equipped with heating and air ducts. There device comes with three interchangeable nozzles (LPG, kerosene and gasoline) pump with liquid fuel, pot support, repair kit and a shipping cover.

The stove has 3600 watts of average thermal power (12283 BTU / h). Boiling one liter of boiling water, depending on the choice of a fuel, ranges from 3.5 to 4.4 minutes. The minimum weight of the stove, without taking into account the weight of the fuel, is 326 grams, the total weight is 549 grams. Torch height 152 mm, 102 mm maximum diameter.

2. Kovea Booster +1 – $ 140

Kovea Booster


South Korean brand has been manufacturing Kovea Booster + 1 since 2004. Over the entire period of its life, the stove has been subject to slight improvements, which concerned the external protective casing, the nozzle and the bundled capacity for liquid fuels. The burner is almost completely made of stainless steel and is equipped with a capacity for liquid fuel, pump, special multitool for disassembly, lubricant, repair kit and a shipping cover.

The thermal power of the burner by using cylinders with liquefied gas is not more than 2090 W (7135 BTU / h), in the case of refined gasoline stated capacity will increase up to 3570 watts (12175 BTU / h). The average time of boiling one liter of water is 5 and 3.7 minutes respectively. Minimum stove weigh is 306 grams, the total weight is 520 grams (burner, pump, multitool, remnabor, cover). The stove height of 100 mm and a diameter of 80 mm.

3. Optimus Polaris Optifuel — 200$

Optimus Polaris Optifuel Stove

Multifuel burner stove Polaris Optifuel was first presented by the Swedish brand Optimus in 2014, but it only went for sale in spring 2015. The burner stove consists of eight elements, including an outer protective steel, power regulator and a hose with a support under the balloon. In the complete set of a stove there is a burner with proposed capacity of 0.4 liters under the liquid fuel pump FLIPSTOP, heat and air ducts, multitul for disassembly and cleaning agents, lubricants, repair kit and Carrying Case.

Minimum thermal capacity of the system, using liquefied natural gas, is declared at the level of 3600 watts (12283 BTU / h) (liquid fuels increases the capacity up to 4200 W (14,340 BTU)), the average time of boiling a liter of water is about 4 minutes. The total weight of multifuel burner stove with pump, but without fuel tank does not exceed 475 grams. Torch height 80mm, maximum diameter of 140 mm.

4. Primus Omnifuel II – $ 230

Primus OmniFuel Stove

Primus burner was introduced in the spring of 2015, as the second generation of the popular multifuel burners –  Primus Omnifuel. The second generation has become more compact when folded, there was a small fall arrest attachment system components, increased stability, which allows the use of a marker of the cooking container. The burner is preferably made of stainless steel, it is also available a lightweight version of a titanium alloy. The burner is equipped with three interchangeable nozzles, ErgoPump pump for liquid fuel, heat and air ducts, multitool with cleaning needle and conveying cover.

The thermal power of the burner is declared at the level of 3000 watts (10236 BTU / h), time to boil a liter of water is about 3.4 minutes, including 40 seconds to preheat. The total weight of steel burners without fuel does not exceed 350 grams. Torch height 88mm, maximum diameter of 142 mm.


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