With The Big Red Minimalist Wallet, You’ll Impress Everyone Around You Every Time When It’s Your Time To Pay


Modern wallets don’t feature the same design as those that were popular 20 years ago. Unlike the old brick-like cash depositories, modern wallets tend to be light, thin, small, and easy to fit into pockets. But there’s still some room for improvement, especially when it comes to design. The latest Big Red Minimalist Wallet is an outstanding wallet that will give a dose of style and luxury not usually found in wallets.

If you’re familiar with Big Red, you probably know the company is known for its Beard Combs, and they make perfect beard combs. This time though, Big Red decided to add a bit of diversity to its portfolio with the cool-looking Minimalist Wallet.

The design is excellent; there are no zipper pockets, flashy features, or extravagant details. Instead, Big Red decided to go with simple choices that are always trendy.

The first thing you notice about the Big Red Minimalist Wallet is its build quality. The wallet is made out of premium materials, Whiskey Leather and imported Tiger Thread. These two materials give the wallet vintage looks, and with the each passing year the wallet will only look better and better. The thing is that all wallets are hand sewn and handcrafted, meaning that they are as rugged as possible.

The design leaves plenty of room for cash and cards while at the same time not making the wallet to look like a small brick. The Big Red Minimalist Wallet has room for 4-6 cards along with room for cash, and if you like Big Red’s usual products you will be happy to hear the wallet can also be used as a Beard Comb case. Of course, even when used as a case for the Beard Comb, there will still be room for a couple of cards along with cash.

The wallet is available in three design choices. The first one is the Tattoo Pattern, filled with images of iconic tattoos from the past (the Pinup Girl, The skull with the top hat, and the eight ball), along with some modern designs. The Walnut is a minimalist pattern featuring a simple walnut color, and the Whiskey is also a minimalist pattern made in the well-known whiskey color.


A great wallet is a must have for any man caring about his style. When you take it out of your pocket you want others to notice it, to be interested in it, and to not think that you’re some bozo who can’t even have a cool wallet. Because of this, the Big Red Minimalist Wallet is a perfect choice for all of you wanting to impress everyone around you when it’s your time to pay.

The wallet can be picked up from Big Red’s site for a price between $41.41 and $48.94 (for the Tattoo Edition).

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$41 USD

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