Biolite BaseLantern is a Lantern, Flashlight and Battery in a Sandwich Size


Biolite has recently introduced a new lantern with a name of BaseLantern on a Kickstarter. The product has gathered more than required amount of money in just three days. As a usual thing for Biolite products, the device offers lots of functionality into one package. Compared to their previous product – Nanogrid, the size of the lantern has significantly been decreased and the styling has been changed slightly.

BaseLantern produces up to 500 lumens of light and comes with an onboard rechargeable battery with a rating of 7800-12,000 mAh. The battery lasts for 54 hours depending on the brightness and frequency of use. It can be charged using two USB ports which also can be used to charge your phones and tablets.

Charging Cycles By Device

BaseLantern is controlled by your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection and a BaseLantern app. You can control how much lighting you need, choose the color and the effects of light and analyze power usage in a simple smartphone app, available both in iOS and Android. The app also shows the warmth control and a charge status.

Biolite Base Lantern will be available in two models, BaseLantern and BaseLantern XL. The former one will cost 79 USD and the latter one 129 USD. The device will be available for retail sales in October 2016.

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$79 USD

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