Bit Bar is the Small EDC Screwdriver


Bit Bar is a small pocket-friendly EDC screwdriver which holds up to 8 various type of hex keys. The accessory has a size of a credit card, therefore it fits in any pocket. The tool is easy to use and functional. The tool is great for bike drivers, service workers and men who need to repair something occasionally.

The multi-tool is crafted either from nylon or titanium grade 5 material by your choice. The screwdriver fits all standard d 1/4″ hex bits. It contains a range of 8 black oxide bits with a 60mm extender piece.

The accessory works by opening the sides of the tool. You can quickly identify any new bit you would like to use and close the knife-like structured card. Ther is central magnetic push bar which keeps your bits secure.

The product is currently on Kickstarter, where pre-orders start at $95. Shipments begin August, after which you can expect to see this product in retail stores.

$95 USD

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