BlinkLight is an Advanced Led Belt for Cyclists With a Cool Set of Features


Blinking bike lights are here to keep you safe while cycling on an open road. They should be worn every time you sit on your bike, especially during night rides, or during rain. They keep you safe while notifying car drivers there’s someone in front of them, and they are doing their job rather well. But, blinking lights have a couple of downsides. They are very easy to steal, so you must always remember to take them off and re-equip later once you sit on your bike again. Also, most of them are small and emit the light in only one direction, meaning that there is a high chance drivers won’t notice you, especially during turns. With the BlinkLight, cyclers got a nice and simple blinking bike light that offers a couple of advanced features.

First off, the BlinkLight is not a simple bike light, it is actually a bike belt. You can wear it on you, but also can strip it to your bag, a backpack, or simply mount it an actual bike. It is easy to take off, and you’ll never forget to take it off or to put it back on. The belt is light and made out of elastic material so it will fit on anyone.

The belt is equipped with lots of LED lights, which are able to give other drivers information about your speed and direction. LEDs emit a bright red light that’s easy to see and notice. Since the gadget is in form of a belt, the light is emitted in all directions so everyone can see you no matter if you are riding behind, in front, or at a vehicle’s side.

Instead of emitting a simple blinking light pattern, the BlinkLight is capable of much more. The device comes with a small remote control, which can fit every bicycle steering bar. Once you install the remote and connect it with your BlinkLight, you will be able to notify other drivers about turning left or right (by the LEDs blinking just on the left or just on the right side of the belt), or when crossing the road on foot, by pressing one of the three buttons. The light belt also can automatically turn on all lights at the same time once you start decelerating since it is equipped with an accelerometer.


The thing is powered by Arduino board and comes with the Arduino open source platform allowing programmers from across the world to make new modes and light patterns, even design new features. The LED belt is powered by a battery capable of offering up to 4 hours of usage, and it can be fully charged in about 20 minutes. The battery can be charged either by a standard charger or with a power bank. The BlinkLight is a new type of bike light. It emits powerful light in all directions, is capable of being remotely controlled, and can play a role of your bike’s personal turn signal light. It can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for just $25. The BlinkLight works well with Flare Pro.

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$25 USD

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