Bluesmart Has Introduced the Black Edition Made of Premium Materials


Bluesmart Smart Suitcase has introduced the Black edition, a suitcase with luxury design and use of high quality materials. Other parts of the suitcase has remained unchanged.

The Bluesmart Black Edition has a premium exterior made of double layer PU coating and from high quality nylon and polyester. This makes the suitcase resistant to scratches and it also makes the bag water resistant. The interior of the bag has also been upgraded with high-density microfiber to protect the electronics.

Bluesmart Smart Backpack inside

There is also a removable mesh divider. It has been equipped with smoother wheels and reinforced bumper. All of these features make the bag absolutely silent while you are riding the luggage.

Other parts of the bag have remained the same.

It is the smartest suitcase ever.  It comes with USB charger and 10,000 mAh battery. Bluesmart suitcases have their own SIM card and 3G connection. It tracks the location of your luggage while you are travelling on a plane.

BlueSmart Smart Suitcase Black Edition

There is a bluetooth enabled smart locking and an automatic weight sensor which tells you if your luggage is overweight.

Bluesmart’s  Black Edition will cost $595 USD. Pre-orders are starting now. The first orders should ship in the next 30 days.

$614 USD

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