Bolster Boost Makes Your Ride as Comfortable as Racing


If you google the car seat bolster, you will find lots of bolsters including the ones with the extra cushions and posture correcting pillows. However, we have limited choices for people looking for the simple and yet, adjustable bolsters. All bolsters and car seat support products usually come for the only one size. There is no possibility to adjust to your size and to share the same bolster with everyone.

Not to mention the cars have evolved very much with the technological advances, but the car seats could be made more comfortable. Not all of us mean the same thing when we speak about comfort. With the following product, we will soon be able to feel the real racing-like comfort.

Bolster Boost is the product of the designed Ted Heys. His goal is to show how it feels when we have lateral support on our back while driving your car. The bolster boost ‘holds’ your back from two sides so that your back sits still while you are driving in uneven terrains. It also prevents side to side swaying of your torso while you are moving at high speeds.  As a result, you will experience the sensation of racing. If your posture does not move and stays in the same comfortable place while driving unevenly, you will have less pressure on your back.

The bolster boost has adjustable angles. The angles can be adjusted to three sizes: Wide– trucks, SUVs, minivans, sedans; Medium– sedans, sports cars;  Narrow– performance sports cars.

Bolster boost car seat support adjustability

The device consists of three elements:  right and left side pads, cord locks, and the upper lace. There are handles on each pad which attaches to the bottom of the seat. If you are wondering what holds the cushions its the material which sticks to the car seat. Your body also creates the friction which holds both the pads and yourself in one position. However, that does not mean that you cannot lean forward if you want to. You can lean forward freely however you want. Once you lean back, your mass will create enough friction to hold your back in one place.

The upper lace is adjustable to your size, however, the product may not work for people of larger sizes. The pads are protected with the AS9100 aerospace grade quality polyester material that prevents you from slipping. The straps on the sides allow you to adjust the grip while you are driving.

Needless to say, the car seat bolster works on all cars and the most common body types. The current design of bolsters allows being fit with 30 degree and 45-degree side bolsters, which is on the majority of modern sedans and minivans, SUVs, trucks. If you have the flying sickness you can use the accessory on the airplanes too.

At the time of writing, the project is still in the funding stage at Kickstarter. The early bird price makes up $79. You can purchase the item starting from February 2019.

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$79 USD

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