Braeon Material is as Strong as Steel and More Versatile Than Rope


Recently, the Kickstarter backers raised funds for Braeön material campaign. The campaign has raised $75 000, five times more than it was planned. The material is in the form of a ribbon and yet, it can get as strong as steel.

According to the creators, Braeön is able to withstand 1 tons of load. It was the culmination of life experience and knowledge of materials science developers. Braeön does not require installation or any industrial equipment. Developers are keeping the chemical structure of the material in secret.

To use the material, firstly, you should warm the tape with either hair dryer, hot water or a fire starter. When hot, this material will become flexible, and it will take up any form. You can use this to glue the torn parts of your equipment, or you can use it even for repairing your car. When the material cools down, the tape will become the strongest and most durable compound on the planet.

What is awesome about Braeön is that it costs only $20 for a ribbon. You can pre-order the product at Kickstarter. It will be available in May 2017.

$20 USD

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