Bremont 1918 Is A Limited Edition Watch Celebrating 100th Anniversary Of The Royal Air Force


If you cherish quality and stylish watches and love airplanes and their history, we have something interesting to show you today. The Bremont 1918 is an exclusive, limited edition watch from Bremont that celebrates the first 100 years of the Royal Air Force.

The design combines modern and rustic with the rugged watch body and some modern features like chronograph, AM/PM disc and GMT functionality combined with vintage looking leather straps that give the watch unique looks.

And by owning one, you will have a piece of RAF history since the manufacturer used metal and wood from four RAF planes that fought in both World War 1 and World War 2. Metal was used for Bremont-decorated rotors, and wood was transformed into stylish veneers. Just look at that back, it is marvelously designed and looks like a rotor of a vintage fighter jet.

The watch fits any 43mm straps and features a 13 ¼’’’ BE-16AE automatic for movement along with a Glucydur balance, Anachron balance spring, and a Nivaflex 1 mainspring. The mechanism comes with a 42-hour power reserve so the watch will work even when you forget to wound it.

The Bremont 1918 will be made in limited quantities, and in three color choices. The steel one will be available in 275 pieces, and there are also 75 white gold and 75 Rose Gold watches. As for the price, it is as special as the RAF’s 100th anniversary, with each model selling for $11,495. A small price to pay if you want to own a piece of aeronautical history.

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$11,495 USD

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