CASIO is Releasing New Models of G-SHOCK with Nylon CORDURA Bands


This week, Casio unveiled three more models of watches from the collection of G-Shock – DW-5600BBN-1JF, DW-6900BBN-1JF and GA-100BBN-1A, which will be a continuation of militarized series Black Out Basic, represented more this summer. To create new models, the company teamed up with well-known brand of Cordura, which made it possible to create a durable and wear-resistant nylon strap for comfortable everyday use.

G-shock cordura

Presented novelty watches, in fact, no different from the basic models, in addition to a fully black chassis design, the dial and the monochrome display, as well as the use of a fully black nylon strap. Models also remained without any change, all of the same basic functions of time and date display, stopwatch, countdown timer and several alarms.


The overall dimensions of the housing G-Shock DW-5600BBN-1JF is not more than 48.9 x 42.8 x 13.4 mm and weighs 61 grams device. Clock size G-Shock DW-6900BBN-1JF remained unchanged (53.2 x 50 x 16.3 mm), but the weight increased to 74 grams. Dimensions watches G-Shock GA-100BBN-1A, which are made in the popular series of polymer housing Big Case, are 55 x 51.2 x 16.9 mm and weighs 72 grams hours.

dw-5600bbn-1 dw-6900bbn-1

Models protective watches DW-5600BBN-1JF, DW-6900BBN-1JF and GA-100BBN-1A are available now, but so far officially only in the Japanese market. If desired, it is also possible to issue an order and through the proposals on the websites of amazon and eBay. The estimated cost of the new products will be about $140 per model DW-5600BBN-1JF and DW-6900BBN-1JF, and no more than $146 for the version of GA-100BBN-1A.

$140 USD

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