CASIO Announces G-Shock G-STEEL Street Vintage Style Collection Watches


The Japanese watch brand Casio has recently introduced a new collection of watches under the trade name of G-Shock G-STEEL Street Vintage Style Collection. The watch series harmoniously combine the familiar features of G-Steel models additionally including tough leather bands. This combination, according to the designers, creates more professional and presentational appearance for daily usage. The watch series preserve strength and impact resistance of G-Shock models.

G-Steel Street Vintage Style Collection will include four models, namely, G-Shock GST-S130L-1A (polished steel case, black dial, a dark brown strap), G-Shock GST-S120L-1B (completely black case, light brown strap), G-Shock GST-S120L-1A (bronze-black body, black strap), and a model G-Shock GST-S130BD-1A, which uses steel bands instead of leather one.

Watches use different technologies such as Tough Solar, Triple G Resist and Multi-Band. They can display time in 12/24-hour clock, there is a world time function, automatic calendar, stopwatch, countdown timer, and five independent alarms with snooze option.

Sales of G-Steel Street Vintage Style Collection should begin in early March of this year. Models with a leather strap (GST-S130L-1A, GST-S120L-1B, GST-S120L-1A) will be assessed in the range of $ 300, the steel band model GST-S130BD-1A will cost a minimum of $ 450.


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$300 USD

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