Casio Pro Trek PRW-6100 Has Become More Durable and Strong


In March 2016, Casio has released the improved version of Casio Pro Trek collection watches – one of them being PRW-6100 line. The main difference between PRW-6100 series and preceeding PRW-6000 series, is the used colors and styles. The new 6100 line has become more stylish with more minimalist design and the use of better, more durable materials.

Coming to appearance details, ProTrek PRW-6100 series use STN (super-twisted nematic) technology on mineral glass display and neobrite coating which provides enhanced visibility in the dark conditions. The watch band is made of resin which was molded by carbon fiber inserts. It is nice to know that the brand has decided to work on the past mistakes and solve the problem of broken bands this way. The watch series case is made of resin and stainless steel.

The Pro Trek PRW-6100 series have a barometre, altimetre, thermometre, digital compass, with Multiband 6 Waveceptor time keeping,  solar battery charger and a stopwatch. The PRW100 series have electronic crown which have Smart Access Technology inside for providing the easy view of the main functions of the watch . Rotate the crown upside or down to access all the watch features.

The watch itself is water resistant up to 100 metres, having the 10 Bar rating. Other than a regular batteries, the accessory can also be charged from solar power. The casio watches are protected from shock and accidental damage.

The series of Pro Trek 6100 watches cost from 400 USD and up.

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$500 USD

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