CASIO introduced a new Outdoor series – CASIO SGW-600H


This week, Casio has announced the expansion of its collection of Outdoor watches Casio OutGear. It has introduced a new series of watch under the trade name SGW-600H. Initially, the model will contain three models. Namely, completely black watch with a dual color display SGW-600H-1B, a watch with a blue bezel and bluish display SGW-600H-2A, and a completely black watch with monotonous monochrome display SGW-600H-9A.

Information about the new watch is almost not known. What we know is that, OutGear SGW-600H series will contain twin sensor that combines a digital compass and thermometer. In addition, the watch will have a fairly standard set of features. Namely, time display with 12/24-hour clock format, and the display of the time zone is displayed in the form of cards. Besides, there is an automatic calendar, five independent alarms, stopwatch and countdown timer.

The housing of OutGear SGW-600H models is made almost entirely of plastic, which is complemented by an aluminum bezel to protect the monochrome display is used mineral crystal with anti-reflective coating. The overall tightness of the housing corresponds to the parameter 100 m (10 Bar). The maximum diameter of the watch is about 51 mm, thickness 13 mm. Device weighs not more than 46 grams. To fix the watch on your wrist, there is a silicone strap with a metal buckle.

Start date of the sales of OutGear SGW-600H (SGW-600H-1B, SGW-600H-2A, SGW-600H-9A), will start very soon. However, the pricing information is still unknown.

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