Chicken Hawk – a New Style Urban Axe from Boker Plus and DJ Urbanovsky


Recently, the well known German brand Böker Plus has produced a new line of axes under the trade name Chicken Hawk. The company has developed the new model of axe in cooperation with well known American designer DJ Urbanovsky, who is a founder of American Kami knife brand.  DJ Urbanovsky is famous for a unique design of its knives and outstanding functionality.

The new axe stands out with its compactness and with the usage of new materials, comparing to older models of axes.

Böker Plus Chicken Hawk uses the D2 steel, known for a sharp edge and high corrosion resistance.  The hardness of the steel used is declared at the level of 57-61 units HRC scale.

Coming to the handle, the axe uses dense patch of dark green G10 material, which is decorated in typical style of American Kami knives. There is an outer layer of texture which provides a strong grip and makes the axe reliable. The lining are fixed with Torx type of steel bolts.

Last but not least, there is a kydex sheath which protects the axe from accidental damage. It has an adjustable strap for carrying. The suggested retail price for the axe is 140 euros. You can order it from Boker Plus website.

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$157 USD

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