Cinch! Pop-Up Tents Are The Ultimate Choice For All Modern Campers


When you go out camping the first thing you think about is getting a right tent. The choice is huge; there all various tents out there for all tastes, but for all those campers who want to feel like home when they are enjoying the nature, there aren’t so many picks. Top-of-the-line tents can cost thousands of dollars but they do provide maximum comfort and lots of features. But what if you want a superb tent but don’t want to spend more than a couple of hundreds of dollars on it? Well, you either have to chase down discounts and hope that you’ll find your perfect home in the wild for an unbelievably low price, or you can just get one of the Cinch! pop-up tents. They offer tons of functions for just a fraction of the price of high-spec dome tents, and they look cool too.

Cinch Popup Tents

Cinch! tents are designed in order to provide ultimate comfort, lots of features, while at the same time keeping the price relatively affordable. They are available in three sizes – 2 man tent, 3 man tent, and 4 man tent – and they all look the same, sans the size.

The most important feature of these tents is that each one can be set-up in seconds. Just pop it up, secure it and that’s it! All tents are made out of waterproof 4000HH fabric and are double skinned for extra durability. Each tent features two entrances, and each one comes with internal storage bay for keeping your stuff intact. Also, there are full tenth-length storage pockets for storing extra inventory so you can rest assured that Ciinch! tents can store all of your belongings. Two windows on each side (along with covers to keep the sun away while sleeping during daytime) provide plenty of light inside the tent, and the optional black canopy can regulate heat and light so you won’t feel like being in a sauna during summer.

Cinch Popup Tents

You can install the canopy at each entrance for keeping things cool and out from the sun. There’s also an optionally extended canopy pack can provide 75 percent more space and that can function as a standalone shelter if you want to sleep outside of the tent, but don’t want to sleep on the ground.

Inside you’ll find a mirror fixed with Velcro and two torches that can serve as lanterns for times when you and your friends decide to chill out outside during the night. If you want to have a subtle night light, there are hooks on the tent’s roof on which you can hang lanterns. Cinch! designers also equipped tent pegs with LEDs, and they’ve also added luminous guylines that stay visible even where no light source is shining on them.

Cinch Popup Tents


The optional solar power pack is perfect for those who visit music festivals. The power pack includes a solar panel that fits on the roof and a 13,000mAh power bank with two USB ports for keeping your mobile devices charged. If you love music festivals, Cinch! tents are the best choice out there!

Cinch Popup Tents

The tents can be bought from Cinch! website. 2 man tent costs $291, 3 man tent is available for $316, and the largest, 4 man tent can be yours for $342. The optional solar power pack costs $102, and the extended canopy is priced at $57.

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