Cook Your Food Sous-Vide with the Cinder Grill


Sous-vide cooking can take hours and hours. It is hard to do and can take a whole day before you finally be able to actually eat the food you cooked. On top of that, you have to always watch for the temperature to not rise above the limit and to watch carefully for the food to not end up undercooked. This cooking method is complicated and meant for professional chefs, but the results can be more than excellent. Once you tasted Sous-vide cooked food, you will probably end up being instantly hooked. Fortunately for all of us who like our food to be evenly cooked and delicious but don’t have the time and knowledge needed for sous-vide cooking, there’s the Cinder Grill, a countertop grill “with the precision of sous-vide and the power of a stovetop.”

Cinder grill is able to cook food three times faster than a classic sous-method, without the need for water, plastic bags, and vacuum sealing. The secret is that the grill is able to maintain an ideal temperature (its grill plates can stay within 1 degree of ideal temperature) and cook food much faster than the traditional method. The best thing is that, with Cinder Grill, you don’t have to make long and boring preps and clean up dishes afterward. Once you did with cooking food, just clean the grill with a paper towel and that’s it.

We, regular food aficionados who don’t really have the time or the means for sous-vide cooking, are finally received a simple way to cook our food evenly, making it deliciously tasty. With Cinder Grill all you have to do us to dial in a temperature, and start cooking. The mobile app is able to tell you how long the food will need to cook, so all you have to do is to put the food on the grill, close the lid, and return once the food is ready. The grill doesn’t ask for any butter or oil, making the food healthier than when cooked on a regular stove, where oil is always needed.

Aside from being able to prepare food in sous-vide style, Cinder Grill can also be used for searing. The grill is able to perfectly sear food in under one minute, giving it a delicious caramelized crust while keeping the insides intact and juicy. The same as with sous-vide, all you have to do is to put the food on the grill, close the lid and let the grill do its magic.

With Cinder grill, we can all be professional chefs. Make any meals you like, spend less time on cooking food, and enjoy your food more than ever before. You don’t need expensive equipment, just Cinder grill and a bit of your time. Cinder Grill is great for people who have a tiny kitchen since the appliance doesn’t take a lot of space and can be stored inside a cabinet when not used.

Cinder Grill can be yours for $499. It may look a bit steep, but for the price, you got an excellent grill, able to both sous-vide and sear food that doesn’t take a lot of space and is able to drastically reduce the time needed for cooking. On top of all that, you’ll save time on prep and cleaning, and will make food without butter or oil. What’s not to like?

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$499 USD

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