Cirkul Helps You Stay Hydrated During the Day


Water is the source of life, our bodies are mostly made out of it and we should drink it regularly during the day, especially now when summer came and when we sweat way more than during other parts of the year. But, unlike women who are more responsible when it comes to hydration (most of them always carry a bottle of water with them at all times) us men don’t really care about drinking enough water. Instead of water, we drink sweetened beverages filled with sugar, or just drink water when feeling really thirsty. Well, with Cirkul, we will drink water more than ever before.

You see, instead of filling ourselves with beverages that contain more sugar than water, we can use Cirkul, a cool new bottle system capable of transforming drink water into sweet nectar of the gods!

You see, Cirkul is a hydration system that contains flavor cartridges. The system is made out of a bottle and the Cirkul lid capable of releasing just the right amount of flavor so our water tastes way better while at the same time flavor doesn’t contain dozens of grams of sugar. The bottle is made out of plastic, but you can also choose one made out of metal. It is designed to fit hands perfectly and to be easy to carry around with you. You can wear it while walking to your work, but you can also wear it with you while running without any problems.

The best of all, the Cirkul lid has a nifty dial which you can adjust from completely clean water to fully flavored water. The lid has a one-way valve preventing the flavor from entering the bottle, making sure that the water in the bottle always stays completely clean. This allows users to always have complete control over the level of flavor. They can adjust the flavor level from sip to sip! If you feeling really thirsty, just drink unflavored water, and when you want to stay hydrated but don’t really feel thirst, set up the dial to full flavored and drink the enhanced (tastier) water!

Flavor cartridges have zero sugar, zero calories, but they do contain lots of vitamins and electrolytes. Users can choose between three types of flavors – LifeSip (available in Fruit Punch, Coconut Pineapple, Sweet Tea & Lemon, and Raspberry Lemonade flavors) are enriched with B-vitamins; Fit Slip (just two flavors are available: Mixed Berry and Orange Tangerine) contain lots of electrolytes and GoSip ( also two flavors: Black Cherry and Strawberry Watermelon) feature caffeinated flavors that can provide all benefits of energy drinks, except the huge amount of sugar contained in each energy drink out there.

One Cirkul system contains one bottle, one lid, and 8 flavor cartridges. The price is really low, just $30 per one system. For $49 you can get two bottles, two lids, and 16 cartridges. Further, a pack of 8 additional cartridges costs $24, which is $0.75 per bottle. Instead of drinking sweetened beverages, or staying dehydrated, use Cirkul. Cirkul is a tasty way to stay hydrated without consuming unnecessary calories.

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