Cirrus Shower System Dramatically Improves Shower Experience While Using Less Water Than Regular Showers


We live in a world where water is slowly becoming a luxury and not commodity. This is the case in many third-world countries for decades now and is slowly becoming a reality even in the developed world. Just look at the UN’s statistics: 783 million people do not have access to clean water. 2.5 billion (yes, billion) people are lacking access to adequate sanitation. If you think you are not affected by this, you’ll be in the coming years and decades, all of us will be. Just look at the situation we have in California where most fresh water sources are slowly dry out, while at the same time water consumption is rising. If we want to live in the world where clean water won’t become a luxury, we must do something about it. We have to lower our consumption, as a society and as individuals. And one startup hailing from France has a product that can help you in lowering your daily water consumption. Meet the Cirrus Shower system, a product that can dramatically lower water consumption during showers while at the same time providing an improved shower experience.

Most of us take at least one shower per day. We go into the bathroom, do our thing and get out clean without thinking much about how much water we spend during one shower session. Did you know you can spend up to 75 percent less water if using Cirrus Shower system while getting the best shower in your life?

The Cirrus Shower system is based on water-atomizing CloudMaker technology that can save you lots of water. The technology offers 13 times more thermal efficiency and 10 times more surface area coverage compared to standard shower systems. The secret lies in transforming your shower, turning water into pressurized mist. This increases surface area coverage, raises water pressure, allowing you to get cleaned faster.

That’s not all. The Cirrus Shower system features replaceable NanoFIlters that can filter impurities while at the same time lowering chlorine levels and balancing Ph levels, dramatically improving the quality of the water.

This new take on how we clean ourselves can help us with the atomized water mist massaging our muscles and reinvigorating our skin. Cloudmaker is more efficient than standard shower heads because it offers the same enjoyment in a package that won’t waste most of the water. You see, when you use a regular showerhead most water is wasted, going down the drain. With the Cirrus Shower system, you will save more than 15,000 gallons of water per year (a regular showerhead uses about 2,5 gallons of water per minute, while the Cirrus showerhead uses 0,625 gallons of water per minute), making your water consumption dramatically lower.

And the best thing is that you can use Cirrus in any bathroom, with the installation taking just a couple of seconds. This revolutionizing shower system can be yours for about $115. Grab in now on IndieGoGo market, and you will get yours by November 2017.

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$115 USD

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