Columbia Sportswear Has Announced Set of Survival Tools on the Back of Clothing Tags


Columbia Sportswear, a famous brand for lots of outdoor gear and clothing, has announced a set of tools which is attached on the back of clothing labels. The tools are made of stainless steel and they can be used for sewing, fishing, sawing and purifying water. The tools are reusable and each tool contains a link to video training materials.

Columbia Handsaw Survival Tool

According to available information, complete clothing labels set will contain six set of multi tools. It includes small handsaw with a line of up to 7 cm, fishing kit, repair kit of clothes, a set of hex keys with a protractor and a pair of tweezers, sundial and filter for cleaning of coffee, tea.

Overall dimensions of the clothing tags and their weight of the set is not specified.

It is also not know whether the tags will be substituted for all products or only in certain series. How the pricing of old products will differ with new set of surviving tools is also not known yet.

Columbia Fishing Survival Tool

The labels are made by the advertising agency Ogilvy Istanbul. At the moment, if you want to purchase your own labels you will have to order it from Istanbul. If the product gets successful in Turkey, it will be available in all stores worldwide.

$10 USD

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