Convercyle Instantly Folds Cargo Bike in Half, Turning Into a Compact E-bike


The foldable bikes are not a new concept nowadays. So is the foldable cargo bikes. You can easily turn your ordinary commuter bike or a mountain bike to a cargo bike using some front and rear attachments (though their level of comfort might be under the question).

The German product designer David Maurer-Laube decided to experiment with foldable cargo e-bike concept and the result has turned out to be nice. The concept is very simple. The standard bike has a cargo attachment in the middle which opens up big space for cargo compartment when folded. Currently, 66 backers supported the idea at Kickstarter, while other potential buyers who are interested in the concept said they will wait for the finished product instead (which is fair decision considering how many Kickstarter projects failed to deliver on time).

The German designer’s concept will be used in both electric bikes and conventional bikes.  Currently, the campaign is gathering money for the production of both for “standard” and electric bikes. The standard bike costs 999 Euros while its electric twin will cost around 1,999 Euros.

How does it work? In a regular-bike mode, the Convercycle’s rear swing arm folds down opening up the built-in cargo rack and pushing the rear wheel back from its current position. Once you are done using the Cargo facility, just unfold the same arm again to convert it to a standard bike. There is a dual-chain drivetrain which allows the bike to be pedaled in either configuration.

Convercycle in Action

Once in cargo mode, the bike can carry up to 60 kg (132 lb) of weight in its rack, along with a rider weighing up to 120 kg (265 lb). The bike itself weighs 18kg(39.6 lbs) which is heavier than most conventional bikes but lighter than cargo bikes. The campaign starters are considering to use aluminum for its frame to make it lighter. Coming to the speed of the e-bike model, the bike with a load of 60kg | 130lbs the range will be about 50km | 30miles per hour and without any load, the range will be 60km | 37miles per hour.

Convercyle, folding a cargo bike into a city commuter bike

Being made in Germany, the Convercycle will also be equipped with rear and front lights, mudguards as well as full fenders, to be lawful in Germany.

If you’re interested, check out Convercycle’s Kickstarter campaign. There might be additional shipping charges for countries other than Germany.

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