Cota Wireless Power System – Future of Charging Gadgets


The tech brand Ossia, is going to introduce the New Cota Wireless Power System. The product is now ready as a prototype and it’s still under the development. The Cota Wireless Power System plans to transform the way we charge the devices using the wirless energy. Your devices will now have the ability to charge themselves whenever they are in the range of Cota’s wireless antennas (up to 10 meters of radius).

Ossia’s Cota Wirless Power System will use thousands of tiny antennas to deliver substantional amounts of power directly to embedded receiving antennas on your smartphone. It uses 2.4-gigahertz radio waves that can produce up to 1 watt of power to your devices. Instead of transmitting power in one concentrated beam,  Cota uses a bunch of small antennas to transmit power to the receiver along multiple pathways.Moreover, the Cota will have the ability to charge up to 5 smartphones at once. It will work on disposable AA batteries.

The pricing information and planned release dates are not available yet. If you want to learn more about Cota, you can read the full review here.




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