Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoes


The American brand Crescent Moon Snowshoes specializes in designing and manufacturing the snowshoes for work, sport. and hiking. The company has decided to move away from the already familiar polymer-aluminum frame and it has introduced a whole new EVA Foam models. The snowshoes are made of light and flexible EVA-foam. It is the material which is primarily used for the manufacturing of various footwear by producers of sneakers around the world.

According to the developers, the use of EVA-foam double density material to create the basic platform has significantly reduced the overall weight of the snowshoes. They have greatly simplified their design minimizing the number of moving parts. Snowshoes provide both necessary flexibility and maneuverability while maintaining the required level of weight distribution and tenacity.

The platform consists of three layers of foam. The first layer is made of a soft springy foam structure. The second layer has a rigid and wear-resistant material that helps you to move around better at snow. Finally, a third layer has dense sneakers in the center. There are TPU tapes for fastening the snowshoes. You can regulate and fix it with Velcro material. The total size of snowshoes does not exceed 58 cm in length and 20 cm in width. One pair of shoes weighs just 790 grams.

The sales of new Crescent Moon EVA-the-all-foam Snowshoes must necessarily start closer to the fall of 2017. Recommended retail price does not exceed $150.

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$150 USD

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