Cross Mountain GTX – New Lightweight Mountain Shoes from Kayland


The Italian brand Kayland specializes in developing high-quality footwear for hiking, mountain sports and running. The company is known for offering shoes of the best quality in affordable price. Recently, the company has decided to expand its collection of hiking boots with several new models. Namely, Cross Mountain GTX shoes got our attention for its beautiful design and a rich set of features. According to manufacturers, Cross Mountain GTX is something between professional mountain boots and boots for heavy backpacking.
The top of the Cross Mountain GTX model is made by combining natural leather with dense nylon material, which has high wear resistance, and an Ankle Lock Technology of polyurethane tie strap. In addition, the bottom edge of the boot provides a tight welt made of the wear-resistant terpolymer, which protects the foot and shoe against possible mechanical damage, and also provides the necessary lateral support.

Inside, the Cross Mountain GTX boots are covered with soft, bulk and vapor permeable mesh material, as well as a two-component membrane of the Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Footwear series, which is the “golden” midpoint between the Gore-Tex Extended Comfort and Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort versions. The inner insole has an anatomical shape with basic support for the heel and arch of the foot, made of partially perforated foam and a thin layer of sweat-damp cloth with antibacterial treatment.

The basis of the sole of Cross Mountain GTX is the thermo-polyurethane Vibram New Mulaz underlay, which provides a universal tread pattern with stud height up to 5 mm. In addition, the sole is formed by a dense stretch with an integrated polyurethane instep, a two-layer intermediate layer of EVA-foam of varying density, and reinforcing thermopile inserts in the front and back that allow the use of climbing cats of various types.

At this stage, Kayland Cross Mountain GTX boots, are offered only in one version of the combined coloring (Lime) and are estimated at 200 euros. The average weight of a male couple is not more than 1160 grams.

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$218 USD

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