Crua Clan is a Modular Tent Perfect For Ultra-light Hikers and For Long Camping Trips


Those who love to travel as light as possible need ultra-light tents. You can’t carry a massive tent packed with features when you have to pack all of your gear in one backpack, especially when you embark on a hiking adventure that should last a couple of weeks. But having an ultra-light tent means you’ll probably need a separate tent when you decide to chill for a while in the wild with your family since then you’ll have lots of room for all necessary gear in your car. Is there a tent capable of transforming from a featherweight shelter for hikers into a safe and warm shelter used during long camping trips? Well, there is such tent system, and it is called Crua Clan, a tent perfect for those who like venturing solo most of the time, but still, want to take their family to camping every once in a while.

The Crua Clan modular tent system is made out of three main elements. The Crua Duo is the starting point, it being a light tent for hikers that can house two persons. The tent is made out of a high water repellant material (HH 5000mm) capable of keeping you dry even during heaviest of storms. The tent features a bug proof mesh along with storage area inside the tent capable of keeping your gear safe and dry. Further, all parts of the Crua Clan system use aerospace grade aluminum poles that are extremely lightweight but at the same time incredibly tough.

The Crua Cocoon is the second part of this unique tent system. It features inflatable pole structure, and it can be combined with the Crua Duo in making one tent that will keep not only dry but also warm during winter and cold during summer. The Cocoon cannot be used on its own (you can combine it with other tents, but it might not fit perfectly with them), but it gives the Crua Duo light, noise and temperature insulation along with excellent ventilation (the fabric is breathable) at the cost of increased weight. While it can’t be used during solo hiking adventures, the cocoon is perfect for those long camping trips.

And to complete the Crua Clan system is the Crua Core. The Core is the main dome tent that can be combined with up to three Crua Duo tents in making a unique shelter perfect for families and large groups. You can keep all your gear and supplies inside the Crua Core while sleeping inside the Crua Duo tents. The core can also be used as a dining area; in other words, the Crua Core is a sort of a living room of the Crua Clan system. It is tall and spacious, made from same water repellant materials as the Crua Duo and it can be set up in minutes.

By combining all three you can make yourself a proper house in the wilderness, a comfortable shelter capable of housing up to six persons while offering a huge amount of space for supplies and gear. The system can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter, and the price varies based on what you need. You can get one Crua Duo for $149 (great price for ultra-light hiking tent for two), or one Duo along with cocoon for $299. Crua Core costs $499, while the Crua Clan combo (one hiking tent along with the cocoon and the core) can be yours for $749. If you want the whole pack (three Duo tents, three Cocoons, and one Core) that luxury will cost you $1,349.

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$149 USD

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