Cubii – Affordable Solution for Exercising in the Office


Readers of this website are probably the ones who live sitting style of life. Working in the office, having fun in front of the computer at home, driving, and so on. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time for exercising nowadays. This creates a lot of pressure for our back. People are genetically born to have active way of life, and being active makes us more healthy. Moreover, it is a fact that if you stand up and do something there will be 50% less pressure for your back. However, we do not have time for excercises or we find a lot of excuses. Allright, if you don’t have time to exercise, then do basic ones right in the office or at home. This is what Cubii will do. It is exercise bike, but without the wheels and frame. It can be installed on a desk or next to the chair. Slowly turn the pedals by comfortable program so that you wouldn’t sweat too much in the office. It is designed so that you wouldn’t hit the chair while exercising, because you will be sitting in correct vertical position. It has pleasant features: it can connect to smartphones, it has carrying handle and six levels of exercises. The project has already raising more than $293 thousand on kickstarter and the goal was only $80 thousand. It is planned to be released on next year January.

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$299 USD

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