Japanese Mobile Operator Docomo has Introduces the First Spherical Drone


The future, when advertising will haunt passers-by and look into windows of skyscrapers, has come. The Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo has presented the concept of a mobile display based on a multi-copter during the Niconico conference in the Japanese city of Chiba. A small spherical information screen that can fly anywhere and show there something interesting to all people at once.

The device contains a special frame forming a sphere. It serves as a chassis for the screen, which is formed by strips of light-emitting diodes moving in a horizontal plane, in a circle. Engineers picked up the speed of rotation of the design and flashing of the LEDs in order to create a static picture in certain areas of the sphere. Or dynamic – the screen is a screen, you can print anything you want.

The screen resolution is small, 144 by 136 pixels and then only in the “equator” area of the ball. And this is very good for the first model because the main task was to achieve a controlled flow of air through the structure. Although it is hollow in fact, but the moving strips of light-emitting diodes form a barrier in the air path, while the screws of the quadrocopter are inside the sphere. Increase the number of LED-pixels without disrupting aerodynamics and the weight of the car is still complicated.

In Docomo, they say that their device weighing 3.4 kg is very maneuverable and works autonomously long enough for it to be used in public areas. The field of application is the widest, you can display any useful information, advertising or just funny pictures on the screen. And if you collect a fleet of drones, then you can arrange an air show in which each “actor” will be not a faceless “flashlight with a propeller”, as now, but a separate three-dimensional object.



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