Edge Desk is the First All-in-One Portable Desk


Edge Desk has introduced the first portable desk for busy life and work. The edge desk is  a newly opened startup created by four enthusiasts in Chicago. The project has gathered $500 000 in Kickstarter. The Edge Desk supports your back perfectly, by providing a correct posture while you are leaning on its small chair.

The Edge Desk

The desk has been made using only hard metals like aluminium and stainless steel for support. The desk work space makes up 20×30 inches. It perfectly fits your laptop, mouse and a couple of paper notebooks. However it doesn’t fit the extra monitor.

When folded, the desk measures the size of an office chair. You can perfectly place it on the back of the car. It takes less than 30 seconds to assemble the desk according to the manufacturers. The desk easily adjust to any body types.

You can preorder the edge from Kickstarter for $350.


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$350 USD

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