ESEE Introduces ESEE-CL1 Outdoor Cleaver


Right after the ESEE-6HM knife, ESEE Knives introduced another original innovation – butcher cleaver under the trade name ESEE-CL1. This model will be part of EXPAT Knives series. The official sales will start during the upcoming exhibition SHOT Show 2017. The event will takes place in January 17-20, 2017.

According to preliminary information, ESEE-CL1 will have fixed blade, full tang classic design. Wide polished blade is made of high-carbon steel grade 1095. The blade is protected from corrosion and further processed by surface finishing. The hardness of the steel used is at the level of 55-57 HRC. The handle uses profiled lining of the completely black textured G10 material. Therefore, it provides a comfortable grip.

Full length cleaver ESEE-CL1 (EXPAT Knives Cleaver) will be about 292 mm. The blade length is slightly more than 137 mm, the maximum width of the blade about 83 mm, blade thickness at the butt of about 4.8 mm, arm length is not less than 155 mm. Weight without sheath knife will be exactly 723 grams. The sheath is likely to be made of a material to form a thermoplastic Kydex.

Admission pre-orders for the new butcher cleaver ESEE-CL1 (EXPAT Knives Cleaver) should begin in the second half of January at the exhibition SHOT Show 2017. The future cost of new item has not yet been disclosed.

$200 USD

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