Keep Track Of Your Loved Ones With The ETA Clock


Yes, we know, clocks tell time and that’s about all they are good for. But, what if a clock could show where your loved ones are? That’s exactly what the ETA clock does, it keeps track on your loved ones, and shows where they are. No screens, no maps, just a couple of handles, locations instead of hour marks, and a mobile app.

The ETA clock works in coordination with the mobile app. After you and your family install the app, it starts to send your locations to the clock. The clock then shows where each family member is, with each handle representing one family member. It’s nice to see another interesting idea that makes clocks fun again.

The clock is made out of premium materials and looks really classy. Handles are made out of aluminum, the face is crafted out of birch plywood, and location icons are engraved with a laser.

Each ETA clock comes with thirteen location icons, showing where your loved ones are. There are classic ones like home school, friends, work, gym, and if someone in your family doesn’t want to give away their location, they will be shown as lost, but you won’t be alarmed every time someone decides to hide themselves. You can get a regular clock or can add your own locations, for a price of course.

There are four required locations – home, transit, out, abroad, and lost, and you can add up to eight custom ones. The ETA clock is an amazing gadget, but we must admit it can look kind of creepy since not all of us want for our family to know where are we at all times. You can pre-order one on Kickstarter for $400 (with predetermined locations) and $600 (ETA clock with your custom locations).

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$400 USD

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