EverBlock is a Giant LEGO Building Blocks for Houses


Did you think that you are too old to play with LEGO? Actually, you are not. EverBlock offers large LEGO building blocks to transform your house. Arnon Rosan, an entrepreneur, an investor and a trader from New York, has been drawing inspiration from his favorite LEGO construction toys for many years. As a result, he built very simple and affordable solution – EverBlock.

The entrepreneur already uses his invention for building modular furniture, for room walls and partitions and modular plastic floors. He even used the building blocks for victims of natural disasters. The house built with LEGO blocks might not be stable, however, it’s better than regular tents.

Assembling and disassemble the blocks is very easy. You can easily structure your house using a flat screwdriver.

Currently, the company offers four types of plastic blocks of different colors  – 30 x 15 cm, 15 x 15 cm and 7.5 x 15 cm. In the future, the brand is planning to establish the production of bases, shelving systems, roofing and several additional forms of blocks.

You can purchase the blocks at EverBlock website for $163.

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$163 USD

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