EVOLUS 3 Qi Is A Wireless Charging Docking Station For The iPhone 8 and iPhone X


The iPhone 8 recently arrived at the market, and it managed to garner much positive praise from reviewers and users alike. Its larger cousin, the iPhone X is yet to arrive, but both models have one thing in common; they come with wireless charging capability. Since Apple still hasn’t provided any wireless charger to go with the new models, there’s the EVOLUS 3 Qi from Enblue Technology to fill the spot.

The dock features a robust industrial design with sharp edges, the body made out of aluminum, and monolithic looking device stands. The EVOLUS 3 Qi can charge up to three devices at the same time, supporting both wireless and wired charging.

The dock is compatible with all iPad models, all Apple Watch, the iPhone, 8 and iPhone X. You can place your iPhone on a wireless charging surface and use wired headphones while charging, or can keep it docked in an upright position for easy access. The dock works with most cases, so just place the phone and don’t worry about it. As a bonus, the device comes with one external USB slot capable of charging any mobile device, power bank, an action camera, and more.

The EVOLUS 3 Qi provides up to 2.4A of charging power, which is enough even for the iPad Pro models, and the device also comes with a Night Stand feature. You can get the EVOLUS 3 Qi on manufacturer’s webstore for $149.

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$149 USD

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