Fenix ​​has introduced a new version of Pocket LED Flashlight Fenix ​​E15


The Fenix brand has introduced a new version of one of the most compact and light flashlights- Fenix E15 model 2016 Edition. The flashlight’s overall look has been updated and the size of it has slightly been increased. Moreover, the range of lighting and its strength has substantially been increased.  Powered by a single 16340 battery or a CR123A battery, the Fenix E15 can produce 450 lumens of light. The flashlight is sealed in (IPX8) aluminum body with black anodized coating and the mineral glass which protects the LED from the front. The total length of the lamp was increased to 64.8 mm(2.55 inches), and the weight to 29 grams(1 ounce).

White LED of model Cree XP-G2 R5 which has a lifespan of 50,000 hours was used for the flashlight. It can produce 450 lumens of light and can reach the maximum beam distance of 132 meters (433 feet).  In total, there are four modes of operation depending on the batteries used. With 16340 lithium-ion batteries, four power modes are available: Low (8 lum., 40 hr.), Mid (50 lum., 9.5 h.), High (100 lum., 3.15 h.) And Turbo (450 lum., 0.55 h.). With CR123A battery the power modes are increased by following figues: Low (8 lum., 72 hr.), Mid (50 lum., 12.5 h.), High (100 lum., 5 h. 5m.) And Turbo (270 lum., 1 h. 35m.).

Turning on and off, switching between the brightness modes is very easy. You just need turn the head unit clockwise or counterclockwise. The Fenix E15 informs about a low battery with blinking. It is equipped with overheat protection units to avoid the hight temperature of the surface. Moreover, you can use it in one hand, or if you need you can use it as a lamp, because it can stand up securely on a flat surface.


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$30 USD

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