Fitbit Officially Releases it’s First Smartwatch that Will Make You Forget About Apple Watch


Fitbit was undoubtedly one of the first companies that specialized in making fitness oriented wearable technology. Among the other manufacturers, Fitbit is known for a great variety of fitness wearable activity trackers. However, up the present moment, the company was not known for producing smart watches. It did have the Fitbit Blaze, though, the octagon-shaped steel frame smartwatch that houses the Blaze. While the Blaze was a good activity tracker, it wasn’t a real smartwatch which you can compare to others.

Yesterday, Fitbit announced the release of its first smartwatch – Ionic, which will come for sales in late October. It comes in three colors and variety of bands. The smartwatch will cost about $300. The Ionic is much more advanced than any Fitbit activity tracker up to date. It can run third party apps, make digital payments online and accurately track your oxygen levels.

Fitbit Ionic

Coming to the features of the smartwatch, it does pretty much everything the smartwatches should do. Tracking activities, receiving phone calls, text messages, listening to music and etc… It is equipped with 2.5GB memory for which you can download and listen to music! You can also pair your music with Pandora.

The activity tracking side of things has also been improved significantly because of new improved heart rate sensors. Fitbit is equipped with new color sensing technology which will measure exact levels of oxygen in your blood at the given time.

Fitbit Ionic

If you are wondering about display specs, the Fitbit has tried to be original here. The company has used a nano-molding technique to fuse plastic and metal together in the watch body. This is a common practice for producing smartphones.  The case itself is built on a lightweight aluminum. The lens, used in the display, will have curved spherical structure. The back of the case is also slightly angled in order for various sensors to work better.

One of the strongest points of Fitbit Ionic is battery life. It works for a full 4 days with a single charge. Besides, the device has been made water resistant up to 50 meters. That is good news for swimmers!

As you can see, Fitbit has made every attempt possible and impossible to dominate the smart watch market gain (after the fall of sales in 2016). One thing that we haven’t seen the big giants like Fitbit doing for boosting sales is, becoming more environmentally friendly. Nowhere it’s written that they will splash less waste and nor they will use more environmentally friendly materials. However, we hope that things will change soon.

If you want to order your copy of Fitbit Ionic, unfortunately, you will have to wait until October 2017.

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